Where to Eat Maine's Best Lobster Roll

Updated: Dec 16, 2020

After a little deliberation, I realized that my consumption of lobster rolls deserved its own post. On my recent trip to Maine, I knew that I would be eating lobster for every meal and had the opportunity to eat not one, not two, but four variations of lobster rolls. I have ranked these lobster rolls from somewhere between "my last meal on earth" to "I would arguably eat it again" because they were all that good. Additionally, you will find some spots we did not have time to visit that absolutely make the list via locals!

Now let's dive in! (Get it..because you go lobster diving..*deletes blog)

#1 /// Bite into Maine

I stand by this with ferocious content. It was the best-balanced butter to mayo ratio while not drowning out the flavor of the lobster. You also have the option to double the lobster meat in your order, which I could not pass up. Pure gold medal winner!

#2 /// High Roller Lobster Co.

It was an internal battle whether to put this or bite into Maine as #1, but High Roller came right under the wire. High Roller's array of flavored butter and toppings (like garlic aioli) are perfect for a nontraditional flair while also serving up high-quality lobster.

#3 /// Side Street Cafe

A more traditional lobster roll that I have had the likes of at food trucks in California. More mayo to butter in ratio and comes with a delicious side of clam chowder.

#4 /// West Street Cafe

This lobster roll tasted incredibly fresh but did not have the added zing of a coating of butter and mayo that makes the sandwich tower above the rest—still freaking delicious, though.

And in no particular order, the lobster rolls I wanted to eat but did not have time (or the stomach capacity) to enjoy...

#5 /// Red's Eats

Image by Yelp

Grace, a local Maine aficionado and friend, expressed that this place is famously displaying some of Maine's best lobster rolls. The reviews on Yelp only confirm this, with people boasting they waited up to 3+ hours for a lobster roll. Red's definitely has some hype behind it, and I cannot wait to try in the future.

#6 /// The Lobster Shack

Image by Yelp

Another local favorite along Cape Elizabeth is the Lobster Shack. This establishment is known more for its view than the food (seeing many photos with heavy mayo), but a great place to enjoy a bite on the coast of Maine. If you are not a lobster roll critic like me (should I put that in my bio?) or only not a fan of a "fishy-er" lobster, this may be an excellent spot for you.

#7 /// Luke's Lobster Portland Pier

Image by Yelp

A research find of mine that looks to have glowing reviews and a gorgeous view of the harbor. They have a transparency portion of their website that explains how they source their lobster straight from a sustainable fisherman for the highest quality product. I love everything about this and think it would be a great stop on a journey through Maine!

Maine locals - what am I missing out on? California friends - anything comparable? Please give me all the lobster roll recommendations below!



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