Travel Christmas Gift Guide: For Him

Happy December! I still cannot believe we are in this simulation (2020), and I am looking forward to the coming year (UNDERSTATEMENT). I recently posted an Instagram poll (thank you to those who participated!), and Christmas gifts are still top of mind for this season.

I previously posted my travel gift guide for her and thought it was time for a guys edition! Men can be so hard to shop for, but here are a few ideas for the male traveler in your life.

ONE /// Rugged AirPod Case

If you have a man in your life that uses AirPods, odds are they:

  1. Have never cleaned their AirPods

  2. Have lost one or more pod at one time

  3. Have lost their case, and both AirPods

The great thing about this case is that it has an industrial style while still being functional. The key chain feature can easily clip anywhere, so your man will never lose it. Plus, it comes with a cotton swab so that he can clean it! (or you can).

TWO /// Teak Water Bottle

I have always been a huge fan of Mark and Graham, and this teak water bottle is a perfect gender-neutral option. My boyfriend has this and uses it every single day. Plus, make him feel special with a little personalization.

THREE /// Herschel Supply Duffel Bag

Herschel does weekender like no one else. I bought this for Mark last Christmas, and he has gotten tons of use out of it. My favorite feature is the shoe compartment on the side of the bag because lord knows shoes get dirty, and it keeps your man's clothes nice and clean!

FOUR /// Solar Portal Charger

Super durable for outdoor travel (we do not camp, but I would imagine this would be amazing for that!) and solar battery charging. Perfect for any travel with a sleek black color.

FIVE /// Cuts Shirt

These men's shirts are super flattering and high quality for the price. The shirts are incredibly soft and easy to throw into a travel bag with minimal wrinkling.

SIX /// MVMT Watch

Looking for the easiest gift to give ever? Enter MVMT. Unfortunately, my man already had an obsession with watches before meeting him so I couldn't purchase one, but seriously, you cannot go wrong with these watches' look and comfort. There are so many styles to chose from at affordable price points.

SEVEN /// Allbirds Sneakers

I have been a big fan of Allbirds for several years, and it is truly like wearing slippers on your feet. Besides them being incredibly comfortable, Allbirds sneakers are made of wool and machine washable, making them easy to clean and great for trips with lots of walking!

EIGHT /// Flashlight Flask

It's a flashlight; it's a flask, it's a flashlight flask! This gift will make your man "rethink happy hour" with this multi-faceted tool. This is the perfect gift built for adventure-seeking guys who also like to party.



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