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Updated: Dec 15, 2020

Ahhh COVID. As much as I have loved my time reading books at the speed of light and watching infinite seasons of 90-Day Fiancé, I thought an advantageous use of my time while still in recovery would be to provide you with some travel gifting ideas for the ladies in your life.

"There are no rules for Christmas this year!" -said everyone in 2020. As I am sure you have read all over the internet, it seems that every person is getting an early leg up on Christmas. "But no pressure!" -also said every blogger, which honestly makes me feel the opposite, which is behind. The facts are that shipping delays are inevitable this holiday season, so here are a few gifts that can be ordered quickly, efficiently, and early!

ONE /// Travel Packing Cubes

Surprisingly, I have not gotten onto the packing cube game whatsoever. After religiously reading and watching the Home Edit this year, I am ready to embrace a more organized life of packing cubes. These pink ones are girly, efficient & have excellent reviews!

TWO /// Travel Toothbrush Case

Honestly, have I been traveling like a heathen these past few years? Amazon certainly is making me feel this way as I have never owned a toothbrush cover (ew). This technologically sound version has a sanitation function to disinfection while it sits in your bag. This case also has 20 uses for the charge and is rechargeable for easy use.

THREE /// Brita Filtering Water Bottle

"You have enough water bottles Kathryn" -my boyfriend. However, does your Hydroflask or Yeti filter your water? I THINK NOT. This water bottle is excellent for traveling as purchasing physical water bottles is not ideal for the environment and gives peace of mind when filling up in questionable spots like airports or water fountains.

FOUR /// Bose Noise Cancelling Headphones

I am an air pods gal through and through, but we all know that they do not cut it for long flights while trying to fall asleep next to strangers or babies with healthy lungs. These sleek headphones are stylish and have the latest Bluetooth technology to sync up to your phone.

FIVE /// Travel Jewelry Case

I am one of those who throws all their jewelry haphazardly into a small bag and spends 5-10 minutes every trip untangling earrings & necklaces. This Mark & Graham case has slots for every jewelry piece and an optional monogram, making it uniquely yours.

SIX /// Leather Charger Roll Up

Who thought they were efficient with their chargers until seeing this product? Yup, me neither. This Mark & Graham travel charger roll-up is an incredibly sound way to store all the cords and chargers you travel with to make them easily accessible. They also have an iPad option if you own different technology.

SEVEN /// Keep Your Cadence Magnetic Refillable Travel Containers

Confession: this was an Instagram ad on my feed. However, it is FREAKING COOL and is 100% on my list this Christmas. I am so glad a company has taken it upon themselves to address this issue as I have probably wasted xxx amount of dollars on travel bottles, which I forgot to label or the label comes off. Then I find myself putting shampoo on my face. Keep Your Cadence lets you create custom labels and colored containers for the items you use most. The best part? They are magnetic, so the containers will not be flailing around your bag. A colossal problem solved!

EIGHT /// Where to Go When Coffee Table Book

I purchased this book a few months ago, and I really do not know if it is the rainbow colors or what, but it is always, ALWAYS picked up first when I have guests over. Contrary to the purpose that coffee table books serve not to be read, I did take the time to read this book. The book addresses the best spots for travel each month of the year and is guaranteed to be a page-turner by your house guests.

What's on your travel Christmas list? Does anything catch your eye? Let me know in the comments!

Cheers & be well,


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