The Ultimate Magnolia Experience in Waco, Texas

If you have any familiarity with HGTV or you are a guy reading this, and your girlfriend has dragged you to the target home decor section, you are familiar with the Magnolia Brand as well as Chip + Joanna Gaines. No one asked, but I am this girlfriend. She is me. My obsession with Magnolia started several years back, and upon my move to Austin, Texas, in 2018, I knew Magnolia Market was only a two-hour drive away.

A phone call back home to California with my mom prompted the very subject of the drivable distance to Waco from Austin and a pending visit from the family. My mother LOVES to go all out for bucket list experiences (See Kentucky Derby post), which is one of the many reasons I adore her. Within that phone call, a full out girls trip was planned and we were off to experience Chip & Joanna's Yellow Brick Shiplap Road!

Magnolia House

The story of how we stayed at Chip & Joanna Gaines' bed and breakfast is comically lucky. When my mom and I were on a phone call discussing visiting Waco, I mentioned that the Gaines own several Bnb's in the Waco area (that I imagined were outlandishly expensive & booked a year in advance). My mom immediately jumped online with an optimistic and persistent mindset to find that, "Kathryn...there are two weekdays available at the end of September." Thinking she was kidding, I also hopped online to find there was, in fact, availability at Magnolia House.

We immediately jumped at the opportunity to book it, and after looking extensively at reviews & testimonials from other guests, our booking experience was a complete one-off. People book this place A YEAR in advance, and we happened to book at the exact right time (someone had canceled we had come to find out). If you are looking to plan your stay at one of the Magnolia properties, I would definitely set aside ample time to book your stay (must be booked in two-night increments) well ahead of time for the weekend you please.

Staying at the Magnolia House is like stepping inside the home of Joanna Gaines herself. Every wall is covered in white shiplap, with subtle touches of texture and antique charm embodying the entire home. Staying here will make you reconsider every decorating choice you have ever made in the absolute best way.

Not only is the house beautiful, spacious, & classic, but it sleeps up to eight individuals and is conveniently located 25 minutes from Magnolia Market at the Silos. As a bonus, when you stay at the Magnolia House, you receive a complimentary breakfast reservation at Magnolia Table (C & J's restaurant in downtown Waco) as well as 25% off coupons to Magnolia Market.

The couple that owns the Bnb also lives on-site and are an absolute delight! Catch up with them under the gazebo in the backyard.

Magnolia House Pricing & Booking

Weekday Rate: $795 | Weekend Rate: $995 | Sunday Night Rate: $497.50 (Only available if you also book Friday night and Saturday night)

Magnolia Table

Heading toward downtown Waco, Magnolia Table hosts a variety of breakfast, lunch & grab & go options. We loved our experience drinking every juice available on the menu, and the delicious options like egg benedict hit the spot for a gorgeous breakfast. You can also snag souvenirs, where I purchased a Magnolia Table apron I still use to this day. Judge me.

You can make a reservation online at (currently closed). I recommend reserving the day and time you want well in advance as reservations tend to fill up weeks at a time!

Magnolia Market at the Silos (+ Silos Baking Co.)

A quick 7-minute drive from Magnolia Table is the holy grail of home decor, Magnolia Market at the Silos. Literally an HGTV playground, Magnolia Market hosts local food, an entire warehouse of home decor and Magnolia apparel, the Silos Baking Company on-site and Magnolia Press Coffee just around the corner.

Here are a couple of things to not miss whilst exploring the grounds:

Magnolia Seed + Supply: I could have spent hours looking at the plants and pottery available for purchase in the beautiful garden area behind the silos.

Alabama Sweet Tea Company: Interested in the house wine of the South? Enter sweet tea, the elixir of the Southern roots I desperately wish I had. The Alabama Sweet Tea truck is located on the grounds of Magnolia Market and a must-stop. Order the half-sweet if you're new to sweet tea!

Classic Green Truck: An adorable photo op for any Instagram lover.

Shop decor at Magnolia Market: Realizing that you are most likely checking a bag, purchase some greenery or beautiful decor from Magnolia's store. I bought TOO MUCH, but my most notable purchase was this rustic breadboard I use religiously today!

#MilestoMagnolia: Snap a photo under the "Miles to Magnolia" sign, a classic symbol of your travels to Waco's paradise!

Silos Baking Co.: Freshly baked cookies & cupcakes have a home on Magnolia Market's grounds at the Silo Baking Co. My personal favorite was the lemon lavender cupcake!

More questions about the Magnolia experience? Please drop a comment below or inquire on my contact page!



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