The Reale Radar No. 5

Updated: Dec 15, 2020

We (almost) made it to Turkey Day! Well, sort of. This whole month has been a whirlwind of exhaustion and quarantining for the Reale clan. Mark and I have been holed up in our apartment for most of November recovering from my COVID-19, and Mark merely having the most robust immune system alive. I am so ready to get all my taste back and be with family, hopefully soon!

Let's jump into some exciting best of the web items on my radar this week!

ONE /// Christmas Ornaments

Image by World Market

If you read my last Reale Radar post, you know I have been doing much pre-Christmas planning & decorating because it's 2020. Aka we need Christmas for two months. Mark and I ordered a tree, however, are lacking ornaments. So this week, I went HAM on ornaments. I bought this set of blue and white ones and this ceramic ball ornament set to fill up the tree, and had to add some cute travel ornaments from World Market! I bought this passport ornament & these globe ones!

TWO /// The Queen's Gambit

Image by Times Colonist

This show is a huge hit on Netflix right now, and I completely did not want it to end. Between the 1960's fashion and the compelling storyline, this show is about a precocious orphan who is a chess prodigy. Anya Taylor-Joy is a compelling lead, and now Mark cannot stop playing chess on his phone. He's....not great at it. But he's trying!

THREE /// Half Baked Harvest Thanksgiving Menu

Image by Half Baked Harvest

I have been a long time fan of Half Baked Harvest and have followed her guides for Thanksgiving religiously. Although we are waiting to see what our Thanksgiving plans will be, I am typically the one that cooks a great deal of the sides—excited to try this sweet potato casserole recipe and slow cooker cheesy garlic herb mashed potatoes.

FOUR /// Wine Savings for Black Friday

Planning ahead for the holidays this year is integral to the Christmas season, and I really cannot think of a better gift than wine. For all my wine purchases, I utilize Boisset Collection. And lucky for me, my ambassador is none other than my mom! As part of this wine society membership, you get exclusive access to specific wineries in Napa Valley. No matter where you are located, you get premium quality wine. Contact her through her Facebook page for inquiries! They have incredible deals for Black Friday.

FIVE /// Guides Feature on Instagram

Seriously the coolest new feature for travel bloggers! I just made one on Lake Tahoe this past weekend and have loved looking at other bloggers' guides as well! My favorites are this dreamy Paris guide by Anna Kloots and one my best friend Brigitte wrote on her favorite hikes in Colorado!

SIX /// Instagram Follow of the Week: Gray Malin

Image by Gray Malin

I recently purchased Italy by Gray Malin coffee table book for our living room and have loved leafing through it the past few weeks. Gray's Instagram is no different and boasts some of his art prints. The winter prints are items I now wish to save up for, including this Aspen portrait.

Stay well and have a safe holiday week everyone!



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