The Reale Radar No. 4

Updated: Dec 16, 2020

Back to our regularly scheduled programming! However, I cannot express enough how much I appreciated the outpouring of love from everyone on the COVID blog post. You guys truly made last week so much more bearable! Now, let's get into what has been on my radar this week...

ONE /// Duolingo

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Okay, probably old hat at this point, but Mark (commonly referred to as 'boyfriend') and I have been loving this language app the last week. Real honest - Mark has loved it more than me. But it is a cool way to learn a new language, even if it is basic phrases and words. You select the language you are interested in learning (me: Italian, Mark: German), and it creates fun ways to learn basics and earn rewards for your accomplishments. Let's see if I can learn more than "Buon Giorno" in 30 days!

TWO /// Christmas Cards

I LOVE Christmas Cards. A few years back, my BFF decided to do one of just her, and I loved the idea so much that I started inputting Christmas Cards of just me. Yup...just me as seen in 2018 above. Since Mark has come along, I have opted to include him (sort of) in my annual Christmas card photos. Minted has a 20% off holiday cards w/ recycled paper, and Snapfish has incredibly affordable options with up to 70% off.

THREE /// 2020 "Goals" Review Video

Screenshotted image by Robyn Schall

If you need a laugh this week, Robyn Schall has the video for you. I saw this video and posted it to my Instagram story, where I have not stopped laughing. Robyn reviews all of the goals she made before 2020, and it is indeed all of us. Watch until the end!

FOUR /// Colorful Tuckernuck Sweater

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After I did my fall closet cleanse (I do this twice a year & please let me know if you're interested in hearing about it!) I realized my winter wardrobe lacks color—tons of white, grey & green but no bright colors at all. So I have been on the hunt for some brights and came across the beautiful Tuckernuck color block sweater. This sweater has honestly been in my cart for weeks, and I'm holding out for a Black Friday sale next week!

FIVE /// Immune-Boosting Foods Article

I read this article, which is definitely a swift reminder to do everything you can to keep your immune system healthy this winter. With COVID-19 cases only increasing, it is important to continue to focus on our health, and luckily, we can do a lot of this through food/vitamins. Worth the read if you're interested in learning more about jump-starting your immunity.

SIX /// Instagram Follow of the Week: Amanda Kloots

When I think of human perseverance and positivity, I think of this woman. Amanda recently lost her husband, Nick Cordero, to COVID-19, and amidst her loss, she raises her young son and inspires people through her fun fitness dance classes. This week, Amanda announced she is releasing a book called Live your Life based on her experiences with love and loss. Definitely my favorite follow recently!

In the meantime, continuing to rest so we can potentially see our families for Thanksgiving. Stay well my friends!



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