The Reale Radar No. 2

Updated: Dec 16, 2020

Welcome to the last Wednesday in October, where it is somehow starting to feel like fall in California. And by fall, I mean 68-70 degrees (I miss the east coast already!). This week is bringing some stellar Amazon finds cosmic connections & naturally some voting material. Let's get into the goods of what I found this week on the web & beyond!

ONE /// Amazon Lap Desk

Somehow up until this point, I have never owned a lap desk. If I did at one point own one, it more than likely had Lisa Frank on it or N*Sync. Realizing that we are, in fact, not physically going into offices for the year, I decided to purchase a LapGear Home Office life is CHANGED ya'll.

2020 lap desks are technologically sound when you want to (work in bed) work from home. From the padding on the bottom for comfort on your legs to the mouse trackpad & phone slot, it truly has it all. I purchased the Oak Woodgrain color scheme and loved the White Marble (& it's on sale!).

TWO /// Maren Morris Voting Video

I posted about voting in my first election this year for those of you that follow me on Instagram. Maren Morris impressed me with her voting message in a sea of celebrity promotions. As a massive lover of Maren & country music, it was incredibly brave to state her endorsement on such a large platform. No matter what candidate you vote for, it made me respect Maren even more as an artist and human!

THREE /// Haley Comet Astrology

Are you spiritually connected? Interested in astrological signs? Interested in knowing how this relates to who you are as a person? Do you like stars & space? Look no further than Haley Comet. A great friend of mine locally referred me to Haley for a birth chart consultation as I have been going through a more transitional period in life. The birth chart connects unique themes in a map of the stars the day you were born and how this can correlate to your higher purpose in life. I loved my experience with Haley and learning more about how I'm not just an average Scorpio. She does virtual consultations too!

FOUR /// The Vanishing Half by Brit Bennett

There are no nerdy tendencies about me besides the fact that I am a big reader. The pandemic reignited my love for reading when I made a new year's resolution to read at least one book per month. The Vanishing Half was a book I finished over this past week that I loved. The storyline was super compelling and an easy read from start to end. Anything based in the 1960s-80s is my jam, and the racial dimensions to this story were fascinating.

FIVE /// Spotify Spotlight - Grand Canyon by Mat Kearney

As a long time follower of Mat Kearney, this song is another collectively upbeat track to add to his blossoming career. Easy listen perfect for fall. If you're interested in seeing my Spotify, the link is here. Yes, every playlist has "Kath" in it.

SIX /// Instagram Follow of the Week: Teresa Caruso

Remember my Amazon lap desk find earlier? I attribute it all to Teresa Caruso. I recently saw her account on Instagram and obsessively watch her quick reels on home decor, cooking utensils & other necessities from Amazon. I did not realize the magnitude of things you can purchase from Amazon and have saved probably 10-15 items she has recommend on her Amazon Shop. Worth checking out if you love convenient gadgets & gift ideas for family/friends.



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