The Reale Radar No. 1

Updated: Dec 16, 2020

Hey team! I decided to try something new this week and see how it goes! As much as I am continually thinking about travel, I have many different interests and would love to share those with you. These posts will reflect weekly favorites that I find on the web, products I would love to purchase, Instagram follows, podcasts to listen to; you name it! If you like these, leave a comment below and let me know if you decided after this post to watch a spooky Netflix show or buy Christmas gifts prematurely. Now, let's get into what on earth I'm talking about.

ONE /// Mark & Graham Christmas Gifts

Ok, I KNOW we are in spooky season, and this is premature. Hear me out: if you live far away from home like myself, it is time to start thinking about Christmas and the shipping situation when the time comes (thank you, COVID). I have ordered unique gifts from Mark & Graham for years and will be ordering this Lake Tahoe pillow for my parents & this bandana for my brother & sister in law's pup!

TWO /// Legally Blonde Reunion

As any cosmo girl would know, the Legally Blonde Reunion is now live on YouTube. I adored watching all my favorites back together, and honestly, Reese Witherspoon is everything. Also, does the cast...not age? They all still look incredible.

THREE /// Downshiftology Meal Prep

After 10-days of binge eating cake and donuts for breakfast in Vermont, I have been religiously watching Lisa's Youtube Channel and reading her website, Downshiftology. As a former "fashion" Youtuber in 2010 (don't even try looking those up; I locked up those videos for good!) YouTube is one of my favorite ways to get motivated to eat healthily, and Lisa's videos are well-edited/easy to watch. Her Meal Prep Videos have been the kick start I have needed this week, spending hours in the kitchen prepping healthy foods for meals!

FOUR /// Full Body Chills Podcast

I had to input one spooky season item! I entered the world of podcasts in 2014 when every single person on earth was listening to Serial (so original Kath). However, in the last year or so, I have gotten immensely into a select few podcasts as I am incredibly picky about which podcasts I listen to daily. As a massive fan of the Crime Junkie podcast (which I suggest listening to if you love true crime as I do), my boyfriend and I decided to give Full Body Chills a listen, and boy, it did not disappoint. We listened to half the season in one long car ride sitting and have loved the chilling variations.

FIVE /// The Haunting of Bly Manor

Ok, make that two spooky season items. To preface this radar item, I'm not too fond of scary movies/TV. My boyfriend, contrarily, is insanely into all scary flicks to my absolute delight. My 'dreamscape' is vivid when I sleep at night, and scary movies tend to conjure particular scenes in my dreams. For example, I saw IT the film over a year ago and STILL have nightmares about specific settings. "Kathryn, you are a wuss." No arguments there. What were we talking about? (Rant over).

Netflix recently released The Haunting of Bly Manor, a season two to The Haunting at Hill House, released in 2018 (Important Note: you do not have to watch the first season to understand Bly Manor!). I was skeptical and spooked, but the show was phenomenal, and although it had its scary moments, I was able to watch it without residual effects. The character development kept me so invested in the show, and I'm a massive fan of anything set in the 1980s. Think Ryan Murphy's American Horror Story, with more edge!

SIX /// Travel Follow of the Week: Mister Levius

I recently followed Travis Levius on Instagram after seeing this dreamy post on the Travel & Leisure account. Whether he is home in London, exploring the Maldives, or galavanting around the globe writing for significant travel publications, all I can say is that Travis has my dream job, and where do I apply?

A more unconventional post from me, but do not be shy to offer feedback in the comments below or via email (!



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