Monthly Goals for February 2021

I do not know if it is the ongoing pandemic or simply being happily unemployed, but January flew by (in a good way). After reflecting on the last month and feeling accomplished, I decided to break down a few personalized goals each month.

As discussed in a previous goals post, the objective is to not give up on your goals by February (when notoriously people begin to halt their New Years' resolutions).

So here are a few goals to inspire you to continue staying on track throughout the year. These are meant to be fun, customizable & attainable!

February Goals 2021

Reading a book every single day. If there is one thing I am carrying into this next month, it is reading. Even if it is just a few pages at night or in the morning, picking up a book and reading every day has helped tremendously with finishing books more quickly and feeling accomplished throughout the month. January 2020, I read approximately 1 book, while in January 2021, I read 5!

Plan a future trip to Alaska. For Christmas 2019, I gifted Mark a trip to Alaska that I had begun to plan before the pandemic hit. We ALL had something like this happen last year, right? Does anyone have PTSD? Just me? This month, I would love to sit and plan our grand Alaska road trip. It is challenging to be optimistic about traveling in our current climate but having a trip to look forward to is a real mood booster amidst an unforeseen future. Even if the trip is completely mapped out in excel with nothing booked, you're one step closer to getting there once we get the green light to travel!

Plan a weekly date night. Mark and I have talked about this prior to this month, but I was inspired by fellow blogger So Much Life to tackle this one! COVID really incited an infinite “let’s stay in” mentality for Mark and me, so it would be great to get creative with date nights now that outdoor dining is open and more parts of San Diego are open. Whether it is hitting some hiking trails or having a board game night, the goal is to enjoy doing things other than watching Westworld.

Stop biting my nails. I laughed and was so grossed out all at once while writing that. Does anyone else still struggle with this? I would love to go into my 30’s without this nervous habit I have struggled with since I was in middle school. Research indicates nail biting can be a sign of emotional or mental stress, which seems to be my trigger (or simply boredom). If anybody out there has tips, would love to hear from you!

Blogging twice per week. In December, I was in a great habit of posting almost 3x per week but tapered off with the start of the new year. It would be amazing to continue writing posts more often. I tend to psych myself out every day (working on being kinder to myself this year). So even if it is a simple post like this one, I am writing and posting for cyberspace to see. For the non-blogger, this could be journaling twice a week!

Let me know in the comments below or via email what your goals are for February!



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