Girlfriend's Guide to Japan: Tokyo

Long time no words! Wow, apologies gang, it has been an incredibly hectic year thus far. Between work transitions, school overcoming my daily life, & everything in between I have barely had time to condition my hair, let alone write. However, I was able to get away for part of February on a winter excursion to visit my best friend in the beautiful Japan. 

Continuing my Asia kick, Japan was a country that was unexpectedly thrust into my radar after my best friend decided to move to the island of Okinawa last fall. I truly did not know what to expect, although I anticipated a lot of ramen & sensory overload (spoiler alert: I got it). But what I really came back with was this sense of how a country should be. With virtually no crime, the nicest human beings on the planet, & beautiful, pristine order to their cities and landmarks, Japan is truly an incredible place to visit. 

I know you're thinking "Wow Kathryn, that was a really classy paragraph." Come on wouldn't be my blog unless there was drinking, debauchery & monkeys. I'll be breaking down my 3 day itinerary, perfect for you and a girlfriend! 

Day 1

Start off your trip with this big city! Arguably with several hundreds of things to do, Tokyo is never going to disappoint with lavish sushi buffets (not all heros wear capes), robots, & cherry blossoms.

Getting There

When you land, take the JR line to major parts of Tokyo. We stayed in Shibuya area, which was about an hour and 15 minute train ride into the center of the city at about 400 yen (woof) although this is one of the cheaper routes to go. Note to all: Japan is not cheap! I wish I could tell you otherwise. But when it costs $15 for a 3 pack of strawberries, you're kind of obligated to say something to the community. Buses will also get you there for a little more, at about 900-1200 yen in about 40 minutes. Once you are in the city, the underground train is your best friend!

Where to Stay

For those of you who know me well, Airbnb & I have a pretty tight relationship and this is typically what I use for lodging. I recommend going this route as most hotels are going to be the same size as the Airbnbs unless you are spending a hefty amount of cash. For how expensive Japan is, this is a great way to save cash to do the things you would really like! Either way, you're going to feel large, bend your knees to get under a shower head & find one mirror in the entire room. Japan is certainly not for the faint of heart. Shibuya was a great location for us, and fairly central to most of the other attractions, which is important in a city of this size. Shinjuku & Ginza would be two other great options and close to metro stations to access other parts of the city. Have some money to spend? Try the Park Hyatt Tokyo or the Keio Plaza Hotel.

Start your morning off with a cup of coffee (breakfast is not a thing) and a walk across the busiest intersection in the world. Shibuya crossing is a quick metro stop to jump and walk across this section of road. however, it is a work crossing so do mind the vehicles crossing. Yes, we almost got hit for some of these photos.