Exploring the New Hampshire White Mountains

Updated: Dec 15, 2020

Our New England road trip travel diaries continue with our quick day trip into the New Hampshire White Mountains region. Before we visited, the only thing I could tell you about New Hampshire was that the capital is Concord. I only know this because when I was in 3rd-grade learning state capitals, the "Nude Hamster rode on a Concord" was a phrase and photo of a hamster riding an airplane that I couldn't seem to get out of my brain. Education is beautiful.

My BFF Brigitte (you've seen her on my Europe & Asia blog posts here & here!) actually visited the White Mountains two weeks before I did. I had the wonderful opportunity to stalk her Instagram and pick up our destination for our trip through New Hampshire: Flume Gorge in the White Mountains.

If you caught my post on Slovenia, the Flume Gorge of Franconia Notch State Park deeply resembles the majestic Vintgar Gorge in Lake Bled. The park is open from May through the end of October and is located off the Style Bridges Highway. I honestly could not believe the U.S. had anything that could rival it, and this spot certainly made me reconsider the beauty that is my home country.

Before entering the park, with new COVID restrictions, they can only take online bookings to enter the park. We did not have any issues with booking right there on the spot, and the cost to enter was $16 for adults. The first 5 minutes of the 1.5-hour trek on a looped trail began with the picturesque Flume Covered Bridge. The Bridge was incredibly beautiful to photograph and upheld every ideal I had of New England. Honestly, California does not even know how to have a "fall" in comparison to this.

Walking up the path and to the boardwalk, you will start to view the beautiful gorge and Avalanche Falls at the top of the Flume. It was hard not to stop every 4 seconds to take photos when enveloped with fall leaves. We even managed to get a photo of the two of us, RARE, by this point in the trip.

After passing the waterfall, we suddenly came upon highlighter yellow, Gatorade colored trees that stunned my eyeballs. When I was gathering photos for this post, I audibly heard myself asking if this was even real or if you guys would think it's fake because I certainly do. The fall foliage in New Hampshire did not disappoint and only continued throughout our hike.

Walking through this area of the White Mountains gives you every single fall color in the wheel. The hike is also incredibly easy (see us wearing jeans and nice sweaters!), so easily accessible to stop and take as many photos as you like. The Sentinel Pine Bridge has a beautiful view of the water or "pool" below. Enjoy a snack or even pull picnic at some of the beautifully placed benches amidst the fall foliage.

The Flume Gorge hike was incredibly beautiful and a perfect stop along your New England road trip through New Hampshire. Any spots to see fall foliage in California? Asking for a friend? Let me know in the comments!



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