Creating Realistic and Attainable Goals In 2021

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January never fails to push you and those around you to create lists and objectives for what you would like to change, eliminate & accomplish in the new year. And honestly, it starts us off on the wrong foot.

Is that taboo to say? Sure. But think back on a resolution you made that you actually kept up with.. do you have more than 5 you accomplished? If so, KUDOS but even as recently as 2019, I certainly was not one of those goal crushing people. I gave up on those FAST. However, with a couple of easy tweaks, I accomplished many of the goals (minus the travel ones) I outlined in 2020. So how did I do it?

Take into consideration the actions & processes you already enjoy doing

Now before you get overwhelmed, let me add a fun twist to this. Take stock of actions and processes you did in the previous year you enjoyed and want to continue doing. These actions and processes could be anything: A workout routine you enjoyed, reading books, even just walking your dog every day. If you already love doing routines, add them to your 2021 goal list. This makes the goals much more attainable, realistic, and fun, as they are things you already love doing.

I also really like to be specific and intentional with my goal making. The goal's specificity is usually attached to a numeric value and a timeline to keep me accountable. Let me give you an example.

As Reale Adventure fans know, I love to read books. After quitting the most taxing job I have ever endured, I refined my love for reading toward the end of 2019. After realizing how much I fancied it, I decided to make a goal to read at least 1 book per month in 2020. And guys.. I DID IT. In fact, I read 18 books last year. Having a specific numeric goal in front of me for 30 days instead of 7 days or even 365 days was insanely more motivating than a generalized statement to read X amount of books in 2021.

Do not be too hard on yourself

I am so guilty of this. I am my hardest critic, and more than likely, always will be. Quite honestly, it was what held me back from accomplishing my goals in the past. One tactic I implemented to combat this is to start numerically low.

For example, last year, I set a goal to use social media apps less by setting time limits on my applications. Now - granted, I was easy on myself during the quarantine months. But I started with putting a 1-hour limit on my Facebook and Instagram applications (I actually gave up Instagram for a month, comment if you want a post about it!). After a couple of months, I bumped my Facebook application to a 45-minute limit, which is where it remains today. Starting with an attainable numeric value and working your way up is a great way to feel exceptional about achieving goals and sticking with them.

The important thing is to be realistic, not put too much pressure on yourself, and have fun with it. If you are already daunted by your goals, creating and achieving them could be potentially more harmful than helpful.

With that being said, what are my goals for 2021? Well, let's dive into what 2021 will bring...

The Reale Adventure's 2021 Goals

Gain Financial Intelligence By Education & Adding Assets

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I started the year reading "Rich Dad, Poor Dad" by Robert Kiyosaki and Sharon Lechter. Boy, what a life-changing novel. If you are interested in understanding how to change the way you work with your finances, absolutely pick it up. My takeaway from the book is not to "gain financial stability" as I wrote last year but to tangibly add assets to my financial portfolio and gain financial intelligence in accounting, investing & real estate.

The way I want to do this is first by having lunch with smart people. Connecting to get more insight into how I can embody actions these people are taking to build their financial earnings & have money work for them. Another is more simple, which is accessing resources such as classes to understand more about these subjects. I have an irrational fear of math & numbers, so it is a big goal to understand more about accounting and balance sheets this coming year.


-Accounting & real estate courses via Skillshare, youtube, or other paid offers

-Add at least 1 asset this year

Exercise & Health - Sustain Workout Regimen

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I love to work out 4x per week. The pandemic was a struggle with closing my gym, but with outdoor workouts now available, I can safely continue this routine that I have followed since late 2019.

I find that I mentally and physically feel my best when I workout at least 4x per week. What does "work out" mean to me? It is different for everyone, but for me personally, it is Orangetheory classes. I started Orangetheory 5 years ago now, and I just fell in love with the workouts and coaches. I used to be a swimmer in high school, and finishing a workout in Orangetheory feels like coming out of the pool after a long practice. I just feel so good. And that is the important thing, right? Feeling your best and finding ways to exercise that you actually enjoy.

People quit workouts because they do not enjoy them. And trust me, I speak from trial and error. For a while, I took spin classes in San Francisco, and dear god…I hate spin. You will never see me invest in a Peleton because it is just not my jam. And you know what? IT IS COMPLETELY OK. I am so in love with my workout routine that I have no intention of changing it anytime soon. You just need to find what you love doing.

My last note on this is associated with food. When I think back on all the diets I have tried (pretty much everything short of being vegan. I have also, for the most part, been dairy-free since I was 21 due to stomach issues), there was never any happiness really associated with the restrictions. So I decided to just…stop. I will never be a super skinny or lean girl by any means, but that is genetic and has nothing to do with my diet. All I can do is make healthy choices as often as possible and not put too much pressure on myself. Life is too short not to eat bread and pasta, and that's the facts of life.


-Keep doing what you're doing!

The Practice of Minimalism

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Joshua Fields Millburn & Ryan Nicodemus recently released a Netflix documentary titled "Less is Now." I had watched their previous documentary and plan to read their novel "Minimalism" and was absolutely hooked on this idea of "less is more." Embracing the idea of making room for more experiences, creativity & less stuff.

The idea is not necessarily "decluttering." However, this was the first action I took in 2021 and caused an immediate fight with my boyfriend over throwing out our cleaning supplies, but that of not needing all kinds of stuff to satisfy me. I have always struggled with consumption habits like shopping and saying statements in my head like, "well, if I have x item, I will be a better person and feel like a more accomplished human." This is NEVER the case!

So the objective of this goal is to take back control of my overall happiness by focusing on minimalism. There are a couple of concrete ways to make this a more numeric goal, but one I am focusing on is to donate 1 thing per month that is not useful to me or brings me joy.


-Donate 1 item that is no longer useful or brings me joy per month

Travel - The Big Question Mark

Travel, everyone's big question mark of the year. My blog focuses on travel content specifically, which makes this even more difficult in the current pandemic to really make attainable goals. I tackled this section with more feasible United States goals as well as International pending the upcoming vaccine.

Travel is usually my favorite section to write about, so I create a separate note on my phone that details specific places I would like to visit in the coming year. Crossing them off is so satisfying and motivating. Without giving too much away, here are a few places I really would love to travel to:

United States

-Joshua Tree National Park

-Sequoia National Park

-Antelope Canyon: Page, Arizona

-Savannah, Georgia


-New Zealand for my 30th birthday

-Europe: Iceland, Portugal, Turkey


-Not a lot can be done currently, but potentially taking action to plan a National Park trip this winter pending safety!

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What are your attainable goals for 2021? Comment below!



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