A Summer Weekend Guide to North Lake Tahoe


To most, Lake Tahoe is a place to bask in crystal blue waters, hike glorious mountains, & enjoy a weekend away in nature. To me, North Lake Tahoe is home. I have lived here, worked here, and grew up here. For the last 20 years, I have gained a wealth of knowledge about the area, especially when serving as a concierge at the Ritz-Carlton. I have a feeling that there will be many posts to come about Lake Tahoe, but here is a weekend version of a summer and fall getaway in the mountains.

Hike: Monkey Rock

First timers in Tahoe? This is a must do! I have told several people about this gorgeous hike and honestly, I never get tired of it. The 180 degree view of Lake Tahoe is a stunning item to add to your bucket list and is a short jaunt from highway 28 in Incline Village, Nevada. A popular destination for bikers, this hike is nestled into the backend of the Flume Trail. My uphill biking is minimal, so walkers rejoice!

Getting There: The easiest way to get there is to put The Tunnel Creek Cafe in your GPS. You can park easily in their lot or across the street to access the trail. To access the trail: you'll see a road on the left hand side of tunnel creek cafe, walk up this road and keep to the right to stay on the Flume Trail.

Distance: about 2 miles from the Tunnel Creek Cafe

Difficulty: Easy/Intermediate (uphill)

Access to Monkey Rock: Continue walking on the Flume Trail for about 1 mile. You'll start to ascend uphill pretty rapidly. There is no real indicator of Monkey Rock until you reach an opening on your left hand side, You'll be walking toward the Lake and some rock formations. There is also a small path that leads you to the edge. The monkey should be located on your right hand side looking North.

Beach: Hidden Beach/Sand Harbor

Hidden Beach

Getting Here: This beach is a bit off the beaten path, hence the name. My suggestion would be to go straight from your hike at Monkey Rock! As you walk up the Flume Trail, you will come to a fork, take a right toward Hidden Beach (you'll see a sign). You will have to cross highway 28, so be careful! Swing your legs over the guard rail (I'm not a gymnast, but I can do it), and keep on the path going down to the right (toward the lake).

Entrance Fee: Free!

Summary: Hidden is a great beach that is one of the only free ones around the Lake. Additionally, it is dog friendly when traveling with furry friends. Keep in mind, this is a local's beach. So do be mindful of the friendly Tahoe individuals around you. Although this can ensue a rowdy crowd in the middle of the day.

Sand Harbor

Getting there: Head east on highway 28 about .8 miles (from monkey rock). There is a boat ramp as well as a commercial entrance, you will take the second gate in and Sand Harbor on your right.

Parking: $12 (National Park Fee)

Summary: Sand Harbor is quintessential Lake Tahoe. With boulders peaking out of the crystal blue water, it provides the most stunning pictures and memories. BIG TIP: get to Sand Harbor before 10:00am, especially in peak season (June-August). Once the parking lot fills up, there are no places to park on the street without getting ticketed. I have done it. I have been ticketed. This blog post will save you $112 by switching to Geico.

Food: T's Rotisserie

I do not joke when I say I have made every single one of my friends go with me to T's. Especially if it is your first time in North Lake Tahoe, I'll make you order half the menu with me. Some of the best Mexican food in the area (and some of the only Mexican food).

Getting Here: Head north on highway 28 toward Kings Beach, turn left at the stop light onto Village Blvd, you will see T's on your left.

Helpful Tip: This is a cash only spot! There is an ATM at the nearby 711.

Menu: If you have worked up a big appetite after the beach, I recommend the chicken burrito (you will see chicken cooking on a skillet behind the counter, is there anything better?) For something lighter, try the tostada or a pork and chicken taco. They are also great with dairy free and gluten free options!

Activity: Stand Up Paddleboarding

If you haven't tried SUP, then...what's sup? Ok...horrible jokes I'll stop. But really, it is fun, relaxing, a low intensity work out, and a great way to see Lake Tahoe from the water on a budget.

Where to Do It: Sand Harbor is my favorite place to paddle board (pictured above) and Sand Harbor Rentals is located right on the beach if you want to do a walk up rental on the spot, or book in advance. An hour is plenty of time to take pictures and enjoy yourself on the water, for only $25! In Kings Beach, Adrift Tahoe is another great spot located right on the water for walk ups and advanced bookings for $20.

These are just a few things on my list of North Lake, which pretty much means I will have about 12 follow up posts about Truckee, the best resorts to visit, and more!


Kathryn Reale

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