7 Must-Visit Places in Hong Kong

Updated: Dec 16, 2020

Do you ever book a flight for somewhere and think, "well, I know absolutely nothing about that place." This could not be more of the case when my best friend Liz and I decided to venture to Hong Kong for my last weekend visiting Asia in February of 2018. As is most places you do not have expectations for, Hong Kong truly surprised me in every way possible. The food, the eclectic culture, the hazy bay overlooking arguably the tallest skyscrapers I have ever seen are simply a few enticing highlights of this bustling place.

Here are a few spots you cannot miss!

Tim Ho Wan

This restaurant is the first budget friendly dim sum spot to receive a Michelin Star, so it is an absolute must! Tim Ho Wan's dumplings are delicious AND inexpensive, what more could you want?? There are locations all over the city, but we heard this spot was the best in Sham Shui Po.

Victoria Peak

Hands down the best place to get a full view of the city center. Pro tip: buy your tickets online ahed of time, the lines for the tram can get incredibly long (we waited for an hour before calling it quits). You can always opt to take an uber up to the entrance as we did because nobody has time for that. There is a fun walk along the mountainside where you can snap photos as well as a viewing deck.

Yick Cheong Building

Will not lie - this is an instagram spot. However, if you aren't interested in snagging a picture for the gram, this is really incredible way to see how the native people on Hong Kong live. This place was a little challenging to find, but we weren't entirely sure of the name of the building THE MORE YOU KNOW. I have also included a photo of this glamorous process for reference, bring hand sanitizer!

Yum Cha

Yum Cha - fiscally irresponsible? Yes. Worth the money for the pig decorated pork dumplings? 100%.


Disguised as a well to-do umbrella shop, Foxglove is a speakeasy is incredibly beautiful and has an ode to the roaring 20's amongst the decor and drinks. We were spoiled rotten here! Even when it turned out we did not have a reservation as we had unfortunately booked the wrong date. A bit pricey but well worth the money. Book ahead of time for easy access!

Lang Kwai Fong Bar District

Contrary to my face, this area was actually an absolute blast. Trolling with college students and travelers alike, this is a fun place to bar hop and dance to Hong Kong's amazing nightlife. Try other bars such as Stockton and order the pop rocks drink.

Tian Tan Buddha

Imagine provided by Hong Kong Pass

If there is one thing I have left to do in Hong Kong, it would be to climb the steps to the 'Big Buddha' or the Tian Tan Buddha. This is located outside of the city center of Hong Kong, but well worth the beautiful images. You can get there via public transit, but through my extensive research it really seems like a nightmare. However, most websites recommend hopping off at the Tung Chung MTR station on the Tung Chung line and taking the Ngong Ping 360 cable car from there.

Hope everyone is staying happy & healthy!



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