5 Weird, But Helpful Things to Pack for Your Next Trip


Initially when I composed this post, I was thinking to myself "well, these mainly revolve around smelling badly and looking ugly" which are honestly two really common/important things that happen while you are moving around for a certain period of time.

I'm sure you are looking at travel blogger posts thinking these girls smell like Marc Jacobs Daisy perfume and had zero trouble styling ringlet curls in their hair on a windy day. I'm here to tell you this is false. You are going to resemble Matthew McConaughey at the end of Dallas Buyers Club. But not to worry! I have a few tricks up my sleeve to ensure you look & feel your best while you are abroad.

#1 Dryer Sheets

Kathryn, why the fuck do I need dryer sheets? Besides smelling like fresh laundry done by mom, these little beauties prevent static in clothing (yes, your clothes will get static-y). Once you use one, you can stick in your bag, your shoes, anything really to prevent stank. Boom, roasted.

#2 Safety Pins

There is a moment you go to put on that cute top you bought specifically for a night out in Barcelona and suddenly you hear a colossal rip. Why do bad things happen to good people? Is there no God? Why have I gained 20 pounds? Bring safety pins, they will help with a wardrobe malfunction that seems completely dismal.

#3 Baby Powder

It's a miracle tool. Do your shoes reek from walking in them all day? Baby powder. Does it look like you have wet hair, but it is actually an immense amount of grease build up? Baby powder. Did you get a little over eager when you picked up your splice of pizza and drop the entire thing in your lap leaving a huge oil stain? Baby powder. True Story.

#4 Little Laundry Bag

Chances are when traveling you are going to have some dirty clothes that will not be washed mainly because ain't nobody got time for that. Solution? A small, yet handy laundry bag. Instead of having your dirty clothes waft around with your clean ones, put them away. Better yet, it creates an element of storage in what will most likely be an unorganized mess of your crap.

#5 Baseball Cap

Although I look like the last pick in the draft, baseball caps are for those days you just don't give a rat's ass. Trust me, you will have that day. It is a full proof way to cover up a bad hair day or time spent on trains & airplanes. Baseball caps are also easy to attach to a backpack and are virtually inexpensive. So if you lose it no big deal. Want some touristy shit? Enter your new baseball cap.

I hope this list helps you in your quest for a perfectly imperfect travel experience.



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