10 Reasons Why Ireland Is Your Next Travel Destination


HELLO THERE. So slacking is an understatement here, as I apologize for being MIA the last month. If you follow me on twitter (you should I'm funny) you'll know that January has basically been the yellow skittle of my year so far and have a lot of adult shit going on that I needed to attend to. BUT LETS GET TO THE IMPORTANT TRAVEL POST.

Ahh, Ireland. The land of beer darker than my men, seascape and rolling hills beyond your wildest dreams & of course binge drinking. If you were raised in the early 2000's Disney channel movie fandom like myself, no, it is not necessarily comparable to Luck of the Irish although #childhoodcrushes. Over the last year Ireland is a country I continually talk about and continue to recommend to fellow Europe travelers. So let's delve into the reasons you're visiting soon (in no particular order whatsoever).

#1 The Seaside is Known For Good Luck

Ok I made that up, but you are visiting the Cliffs of Moher. I do not live in LA (queue the "so do you surf to school?" questions I received as a child), but have seen my fair share of seascape from the Pacific Northwest to San Diego. This. is. unlike. anything. Ok, maybe a little like Big Sur. But truthfully, the photos cannot justify just how beautiful seaside Ireland is. Do yourself a favor and buy a bus ticket from Galway here.

#2 Beer Me

Ever had a Guinness? "yeah it tasted gross kath" THINK AGAIN. Guinness is the tap water of Ireland and it is out of this world. My #1 travel bestie swore that she hated dark beer until this tall dark and handsome fella fell into her hands 3-4 times. That's what she said. Snag a tour of the Guinness factory or maybe Jameson (reopens in March) if you're into the hard stuff. That's what she said. I can't stop.

#3 Nature & Shit

Have you ever heard a person say "Oh yeah, fuck green rolling hills and babbling brooks they are the worst." Because those people don't exist. And guess what? Ireland is full of nature's bounty. Enjoy stops like this on your Galway tour to Cliffs of Moher, in Doolin or Kilmoon.

#4 Romance

To answer your question right off the bat, yes I am a scorpio who enjoy leisurely bike rides & can cook a mean chicken dinner. Does that answer your question? Just kidding, I like penis. However, if you do have a boyfriend or Galentine Dublin's cobblestone carriage rides or Cork's plethora of castles are the place for you. I'll be over here, pounding Guinness and crying deeply...like a boss.

#5 Pubs..at Niggghhttt

Spongebob joke anyone? There is a little too much to explain about this photo to adequately clarify this wild night in Dublin. Well...we basically drank 9 Guinness', the bartender proposed marriage & we were invited behind the bar to pour others beverages. Don't be boring, you are going to an Irish Pub.

#6 Hospitality Also Known as Did I Just Move In?

We can all pretend that hostels are "so much fun, I met my husband in the communal shower when he asked to borrow my razor" False. However, the lodging accommodation specifically at the Galway City Hostel will keep you coming back to Ireland. Every employee treated us wonderfully, continued to go above & beyond, with their services, took us out to local pubs & they even made us dinner.

#7 Good Glorious Food

I swear Ireland can truly do no wrong when it comes to food. There are several varieties of delicacies to try, like the famous bangers & mash or Guinness Irish Stew, however I prefer not to shit my pants every meal. There are some amazing options close to the seaside, like salmon my wonderful travel companion enjoyed. Located in Doolin.

#8 History

What is this strange rock formation? Honestly, I was thinking more about that evening's pub crawl because I'm the scum of the earth type of drinker. However, there are some really amazing aspects of history that reside in Ireland, including one of the oldest free standing limestone formations in the country called the Burren. Thanks wikipedia.

#9 Frolicking in Parks

Can you honestly tell me the last time you roamed through a park without an agenda? No, you cannot. When visiting Dublin, visit St Stephens Green for the ultimate green landscape experience within the city. Grab a salad (looking at you Chopped & Toss'd), purchase a cheap towel or blanket & enjoy the people watching and scenery. Also try not to get kicked off the grass as I did.

#10 F is for Friends

I can honestly say I met the most people from across the globe in Ireland as well as created the most friendships. Everyone is flocking here for the same reasons as you are, which in turn leads to a fun crowd of all ages. Tap into your hostel's bar crawl or strike up a conversation with a stranger, the locals and travelers alike are everywhere.

This ultimately brings me to the end of my list, as silly as each of these may be. Ireland is truly a spectacle and if you haven't already bought your plane ticket, don't worry I pulled up a website to help you: https://www.skyscanner.com/

Cheers travel babes.



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