About Kathryn Reale

Supplementing the urge to travel through this somewhat serious travel blog

A software sales professional by day and travel enthusiast by night, I have taken it upon myself to get into negative amounts of PTO to see the world and all its glory through my 20's.

The purpose of this blog is to ultimately make you laugh at my expense. However, more importantly, my goal is to provide a platform where travel can be attainable and available to everyone! Like my last name, I am fiercely real about everything I do, promote & discuss. My content reflects a more realistic approach to tourism and photography to serve a large market of individuals who are still working but would love to travel. The travel industry has become immensely glamorized and I am looking to humble the status quo and encourage everyone that travel is a possibility.

I would love to hear from you, even if it's simply (or in all) pun format.