Realistic Goals for the Working Girl

30 countries before 30 years old


I had this idea one day as I was staring at the large, yet seemingly small list of countries I had traveled to in my lifetime. As your regular psychopath who methodically makes lists at all times, my iPhone note was no different, holding the key to the past, present & future of the places I was looking to visit. 


As a fellow reader of blogs, my "number" seemed insignificant compared to the 60+ countries traveled to by women I see across the internet. And suddenly, it hit me: Why couldn't I make my own realistic goal as a working girl?

The 30 Before 30 challenge is a goal to see 30 new & unknown countries before the age of 30 years old and put me in the driver's seat of my own wanderlust. "Kathryn you are cheesy." I realize that, but let me live my life. Plus buying flights is fun. 

26 down, 4 to go!