Weekend in Sunny San Diego


How many tacos can one human consume in a weekend? Want to jump in the ocean at midnight? Attain an unnecessary sunburn? San Diego is it. As a native Californian, I have only visited this fair city once before and I was in volleyball camp exercising 5 days a week so it hardly counts. Not only did my experience here rival most beach towns I've had the pleasure of visiting, I found myself pondering if I could move here. Although I am slightly allergic to the sun and quote Anchorman like it is my vision quest. Let's take a look at my weekend in sol de San Diego. But you know I don't speak Spanish, in English please.


San Diego International Airport is probably the least crowded and most quick security line I have ever been through. It seriously took me 7 minutes from the time I walked in the door to get through and put back on all my gold watches and clock necklace. Because I'm Flava Flav. 

Easy and quick process to get an uber/lyft; make sure you walk up the escalator, down the sky walk and down another escalator to where the taxi and uber/lyft pickup area. It sounds much more complicated than it actually is to find. 


I'm going to go ahead and start with Saturday morning because Friday was mainly house parties, booze & bad decisions. I have included one solitary photo to view. To note, I'm actually a really boring person during the week, like I had roasted chicken the other day and that was the highlight of my weekday. I think they call what I do social drinking? Sure, we'll go with that.

I was lucky enough to stay with my favorite travel companion Brigitte for the weekend in her Pacific Beach home. There is something so enigmatic about living near the ocean and walking through the sand each day. I truly feel blessed to even know someone that lives that lifestyle on the day to day.

San Diego is dividied into several different beaches, including Point Loma, Pacific Beach, Ocean Beach, & Mission Bay/Beach along the San Diego coastline. Brigitte and I walked along the coastline near Pacific Beach, but not before obtaining breakfast burritos because i'm pretty sure a hangover and a burrito just go together.

We opted for Taco Surf as our divey choice, where you can custom build your breakfast burrito. Which honestly brims the top 5 best activities to accomplish on a Saturday morning. For additional breakfast options, head farther south to La Play Taco Shop, Kono's Cafe for a beachside breakfast, or La Perla Cocina Mexicana



After walking along the beach and full on laying in the sand, fully clothed (displayed above), with no will to carry on with the day, we decided to continue our day by napping for several hours and grabbing some smoothies at The Blend Superfood Bar. I met up with a college friend of mine to walk along the beach and grab more Mexican food because why the hell not?


There are so many options beachside for food, if we were dressed at all appropriate I would have chosen PB Shore Club (which has a spectacular view and outdoor patio), Firehouse American Eatery, or what we opted for, Baja Beach Cafe. Fairly reasonable prices and the drinks looked spectacular. Food? I would say not above par, but overall great for pub food. 

After an early happy hour dinner, we headed to Crystal Pier to snap some photos before catching sunset at Palisades Park. This spot is a grassy park area that has some great photo opportunities and is located close the pier/beach path.


Essentially Brigitte and I snapped romantic/potential engagement photos before returning home to get ready for Halloween night two. It turned out to be a nice night in and jumping in the ocean at midnight was the highlight of the trip. Expert tip: The water is cold and there will be sand everywhere. Worth it? Abso-fucking-lutely.

I truly do not believe I could look more intoxicated in a photo. Add maybe a little bit more of a 'crosseyed' look. Maybe she's born with it, maybe it is vodka. 

The next day brunch was definitely on the brain. Brigitte & I drove to La Jolla, a neighboring community to Pacific Beach to visit Herringbone in downtown. This place is literally an Anthropologie & a Joanna Gaines renovated restaurant mixed into one perfect place. There are trees light up inside, the decor resembles a beachy, yet urban affair and overall you just feel cozy while enjoying bottomless mimosas with friends. To say I was obsessed is completely an understatement.

Apologies there are no pictures of food, that needed to be consumed as soon as humanly possible. Yet, I did get the Chiqules and it was out of this world. Other options for brunch in La Jolla? The Cottage, which we almost went to with some adorable outdoor seating options. Cody's, located close to some ocean views, and Shorehouse Kitchen for more casual dining. Additionally, there is a great brick wall around the corner to snap some very "blogger" pictures, WHICH I DID BECAUSE I AM ONE.


Brigitte and I continued on to do a little shopping downtown, visiting some local boutiques and of course Francesca's so I could purchase a parka and Brigitte could buy more rompers. Ah, climate. San Diego has some fantastic architecture and tiling that I adored while exploring.


After shopping, I highly recommend visiting the La Jolla Coves/Cliffs to see the seascape from a different perspective. A quick walk from downtown La Jolla, the Coves have seals playfully enjoying themselves on rocks, snorkeling/diving lessons close by, as well as some scenic shots to snap the perfect San Diego photo.

Although the day wasn't as clear as we would have hoped, the weather is so balmy and enjoyable that even a little rain will still entail short sleeves (and of course a hat). Our last notable stop was to a sweet cafe that reminded Brigitte and I of quaint coffee shops in London. The sweet chai is amazing and the baked goods are worth indulging.


As I am sure there will be many more San Diego trips to come, this beach town captured my heart in just 48 hours. As I hope next time has less costumes involved, I am already planning my next excursion. Until next time, I'll be playing my jazz flute!