Ultimate Girls Guide to Las Vegas


The night begins with vodka cranberries at a private table overlooking the Bellagio fountains enjoying the company of 30 friends. I randomly find myself next to a Midget Miley Cyrus and casually sipping champagne with UFC fighters. Then, it is suddenly 3am, and I am walking down Las Vegas Boulevard with shoes in hand and zero care in the world. 

These are just a few (and mildly appropriate for the internet) stories that have happened to me while visiting Las Vegas, Nevada. Today we'll be breaking down the best places to stay, the best clubs to go & of course how to survive the weekend without being rufied & meeting Mike Tyson.

*Full disclosure: I may have had 1-10 drinks over the legal limit in any/all of these photos. What happens in Vegas..

*Additional full disclosure: this is really a girls article, mainly because boys have to pay to get into every club and I honestly do not know what that is like. Because boobs.




  • The Excalibur: Cheap as all hell, moderately central location (very close to the MGM, New York New York) but BE CAREFUL. Friend of mine had money stolen in the middle of the night from our room so...i would recommend using the safe.
  • Circus Circus: Pretty much on the opposite end of the strip. The rooms are similar to the Excalibur, but if you want to be close to the Wynn (XS, Encore Beach Club) this is the place for you. *Mainly for college students/recent graduates


  • Monte Carlo: Room accommodations are very decent, location is a little closer than Excalibur or Circus Circus and overall moderating priced split between 4 people for a weekend.
  • The Flamingo: Personally, I have stayed at the condos here which were excellent, however the normal hotel pricing isn't terrible and accommodations are great for how close the hotel is to major attractions.


  • The Cosmopolitan: My company did a work retreat here and I can honestly say it was one of the nicest hotel rooms I have ever stayed in, EVER. Located centrally on the strip and a quick walk downstairs to Marquee or across the walkway to Aria at Jewel. 

  • The MGM Grand: Historic to the city with old charms, the MGM has wonderful and spacious rooms and of course has several clubs within the resort such as Wet Republic & Hakkasan. 




Visiting Vegas during Springtime is a mixed bag, not necessarily warm enough to enjoy the day clubs, but the weather is not too warm to drench you in sweat. I recommend early or late May, but you will have a surplus of crowds and higher rates if you chose that weekend to be Memorial Day.


Ok, probably the most popular time to visit Vegas. WHY??? If you want to experience the heat of 1,000 burning suns and potentially pass out, July is the time for you to visit. Fun? Sure. But you know what isn't fun? Dehydration.


Hands down my favorite time of year to visit. September is still extremely warm for day club parties and cheaper rates, but early October is great for low crowds & rates. Little to no holiday weekends and overall an enjoyable time to go.


I will admit there is something really fun and enticing about visiting Vegas for New Years Eve or just in the dead of winter in general. The weather is similar to spring, but can definitely get chilly at night. NYE 2015 proved to be one of the coldest in recorded history, so I was in barely any clothing in 25 degree weather as pictured above. Bliss. If you do go, I wouldn't recommend the holiday. Late January or early February would be ideal times.



I'll start this off with a conversation on promoters. My lovely best friend and Vegas resident Sydnee Vieira provided some great insight on how to find them and to get into the best clubs:

"Instagram and Twitter, you can literally search the name of a club and a bunch of promoters for that club [and it] will pop up. You can also just walk around the strip on the weekends and the promoters are out there accosting attractive women" -Sydnee

My friends are just as talented with their words as I am as you can see. Now: Picking the club. Honestly there are way too many clubs to chose from, but I have complied a list of my favorites:

Light at the Mandalay Bay

Why: Honestly Light is such a unique club. The crowd & music I have found to always been fun and there are literally people that come down from the ceiling dressed as mermaids. You truly can't beat it. Krewella performed here, I had an absolute blast and I could not hear for 3 days. Vegas.

Marquee Nightclub at The Cosmopolitan

Why: I chose Marquee because of the lavish set up: complete with a pool and outdoor patio, Marquee is a really amazing way to experience a vegas club. This is a good 2nd club option if you are looking to hit multiple during the course of the evening. My work had an event here and I have never drank so many vodka sodas in my life.

Hyde at the Bellagio

Why: The Bellagio has some really awesome club, I also recommend The Bank for some amazing gangster rap music, but Hyde is GREAT for pretty people trying to get a table before going to another club, you have a freaking view of the Bellagio fountains from the balcony, and they do not frown upon you running out of the club, through the casino floor barefoot.. (also be classy and don't do this.)

First timers: Visit these clubs once just to say you had the stereotypical vegas experience, including XS, Encore (great beach club for the summer months), Wet Republic (beach club 2) Hakkasan. Why are these not on my list? Crowded as all hell, Calvin Harris will do that.

Where Do I Eat My 1 Meal Of The Day?


In case you are wondering about the title of this section, it's mainly attributed to Vegas being expensive and not being skinny. Trust me, you will be eat more like a peasant in the Dark Ages than an actual human being. Or you will find yourself eating pizza or McDonalds at 4am, it's just life. But if you are looking to splurge, I recommend visiting Nine Fine Irishman, Nobu (best sushi in the world), Gordon Ramsay's Steakhouse, & Holsteins.

Also if you realllyyyyy need the yardstick pictured above, get it once and never get it again. The sugar alone could wipe out a small community of birds. It can be purchased at any local Fat Tuesdays

This is truly just a snip of a weekend in Las Vegas, but your anecdotes alone will make the experience worth reliving again and again among close friends and bouncers. Stay safe, and enjoy!






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