Top Travel Destinations for Halloween

Good morning Reale adventure readers! When one thinks of traveling, Halloween isn't something that necessarily springs to mind right away. However, I have found celebrating this holiday in particular destinations can pack in loads of fun. You can dress like a slut and get away with it (thanks Regina George) and I have found you are much more likely to make friends with costume ice breakers. What is there not to love? So, put down the candy corn, turn off Halloween Town 2 and let's discuss where you are going to be a mouse (duh) for Halloween this year.

San Francisco, California


Halloween weekend in San Francisco is basically a rave, bar crawl & pride weekend mixed into one crazy event. Full disclosure, I am working on being more creative with Halloween costumes. The photo above illustrates the mask I bought 15 minutes before the Spirit Store closed on Halloween night. Masked girl in a cocktail dress? Sure, that works.

San Francisco has a lot to offer for this holiday, with several bar crawls including Crawloween SF or you can venture out to one of the many districts for late night debauchery. My favorites are Lightning Tavern (Marina district), Kells (North Beach), & 620 Jones (Tenderloin BE CAREFUL). If crowded bars are not your scene, take a halloween spirited yacht cruise on Nightmare on the Bay: SF Spirit Yacht or dress to impress in your most Marie Antoinette costume at the Halloween International Ball at the W Hotel. Additionally, October is San Francisco's "Indian Summer" so weather wise it is the best time of year to visit.

San Diego, California

My destination this year for Halloween, San Diego boasts amazing weather, tacos, & a fun scene to display your sexy Harambe costume. Check out the San Diego Zombie Crawl because I know some of you are just that weird, however the website is raging so it actually looks like a blast. Another option is the San Diego Monster Bash with 20 plus DJ's and lots of booze. Other options? The Boulevard Boo! Parade or the Bonita Pumpkin Farm.

Las Vegas, Nevada


This will be the saddest thing I have ever written on this blog: I have been to Las Vegas more than any place in the United States. This is so embarrassing and I'm not a gambling addict or alcoholic, I promise. My best friend actually lives there and is neither of those things. Everyone comes to the clubs fully dressed up, so you can resemble your favorite dancing mermaid at Light (my favorite Vegas club) or dress as Sia at Marquee (because the entire club has chandeliers? Get it? I'll just go f*!k myself for that one). If you really want to scare the crap out of yourself as an alternative, you can purchase tickets to the Fright Dome at Circus Circus. Nothing like running for dear life from deranged clowns to really get in the holiday spirit.

New Orleans, Louisiana


To my American Horror Story fans out there (watch Coven and enjoy), I really cannot think of a better place to visit for Halloween. I have yet to celebrate Halloween in New Orleans, but have visited this fair city during the summer months. Obviously I'm going to recommend drinking at some point in this blurb, but I will begin with visiting one of the many historic (and marginally to severely haunted) districts of NOLA.

Pretty much every corner of this city is haunted in some fashion, but definitely visit the French Quarter or maybe take a haunted tour through it. If music is your scene, the Voodoo Music + Arts Experience is for you. Nothing like mixing rhythm, blues & black magic into a festival. New Orleans is known for its parties, and one of the biggest is on Frenchman Street in the Marigny Neighborhood. For a taste of the classic New Orleans experience, head to Burbon Street in the French Quarter for all your topless with beads and hooking up with strangers needs.

New York City, New York

For a Californian like myself, New York is the East Coast version of San Francisco, but with cleaner streets and less Lulu Lemon. A friend of mine visited New York City for Halloween last year and said he had the time of his life, minus almost freezing to death and sleeping in a random car that was unlocked (this is a true story).

The obvious choice would be to join people by the thousands at the Village Halloween Parade, personally I would choose the Stranger Things Party at Lot 45 to see the colorful array of Eleven & sexy Barb costumes. Alternatively take a Haunted Lanterns Tour through Fort Totten Water Battery. Catch some amazing fall foliage in Central Park, which happens to be one of the best times of year to see it.

I appreciate costumes from the animal ears to the creatively punned, so I would love to read what you will be doing below. 

Cheers & happy halloween,