Let's Get Reale: Money v. Passion

Happy New Year to my beautiful blog friends! Not that there can be too many of you at this point, I did take a month long hiatus and have been ghosting you for way too long. I have several exciting posts coming your way, but today I wanted to talk about something real. As a new year is fully upon us all, I can't help but find my mind going back and forth on this particular topic: What is more important, having money v. following a passion.

Kathryn, how does this pertain to travel? Pipe down nark Nancy, I'm getting there. Most of my early 20's have been surrounded around money. Never having enough of it, spending it on the right things, saving it, throwing it down on the things that make you what appears to be a functioning adult. As a current sales rep at a software company, there is so much opportunity to have a good amount of the green stuff. And people WORSHIP money where I live. Basically getting a Tesla in the Silicon Valley is the equivalent to seeing the Pyramids in Egypt. As I approach my year mark at the company I work for, I truly find myself asking a scary question: Why am I doing this?

The old mantra "money doesn't buy you happiness" is truly something I feel..well, medium about. "But Kath you are one way or another" honestly, I don't feel that way. Money gives me the opportunity to do what I love, which overwhelmingly I find is to get on a plane and explore another destination. I work to travel. That's the way it is. Do I feel passionate about selling nerdy guys a software that ultimately makes crunching their large scale data easier? No. I don't. So what do you do when you find your passion in this life and you have to sacrifice one or another?

Within the next several months, I see myself ultimately coming to a crossroads. Do I chose to stay financially stable, with the nice apartment, car payments, electric bills & travel as a hobby with my allotted vacation days? Or do I flush the plan out the window, and just go? To Brazil, or Australia, or god knows where and figure it out with the savings I have? I'm basically Lauren Conrad choosing between Jason and Paris at this point. Or Emily Blunt in the Devil Wears Prada. They all revolve around Paris. 

I was always envious of the people that fit into exactly what they wanted to do. Two of my best friends both went on to play college volleyball and are both so passionate about their future careers as they pursue their graduate degrees. It is truly inspiring to hear them talk about their future careers and knowing the steps they need to take to get there, which I have no doubt in my mind they will. Now that I know mine, I feel that I'm in a dewy fog of disappointment and relief. Is it possible to have both? What can I do? 

The purpose of this segment is not really to give advice of any kind, but maybe pose a theory or maybe a cry to the cyber space gods to help with an issue I'm grappling with. Hell, what do you chose? The biggest dilemma since Nam. 

What would you chose?

P.S. The last Gif was just to make me laugh through this somewhat serious ordeal *cue nervous smile at demise of personal self implosion*