On the Move: 5 Beautiful Places to Live Before You Die

Every 9 months or so, I start get get this familiar itch. All I want to do is be immersed in a completely new place, living with locals and infiltrating myself into other people's lives. Similar to a fugitive, but with no felonies, bad haircuts or Harrison Ford.

To premise, I graduated from college in early spring of 2014 and have moved 5 times in the last two years. This can be attributed to shitty jobs, mountains of debt, and my constant urge to go hiking all the time (obvious solution was a move to Tahoe, right?). I've complied a list of 5 beautiful places to live before the plug is pulled, or the sun explodes. I'm really not in a good place guys, my baseball team lost and I forgot my coffee this morning...

Boulder, Colorado

Colorado made my list for obvious reasons: mountains, quaint downtown streets, decent nightlife & weed. I'm kidding, but seriously. Colorado is very much for the nature fueled, but has city life in the not too distant Denver.

So as you all know, I live in California. I also live in arguably one of the most expensive cities in the world, so EVERYWHERE is cheaper in terms of cost of living. Boulder is a pretty affluent area, so more people rent than buy, as everyone in my nick of the woods already does. Although it is not the most fiscally responsible on the list, the skiing, easy access to nature and friendly people will make the experience worth the money.

Italy, period.


Are you under the Tuscan Sun while you Eat. Pray. Love in a sisterhood of traveling pants? Italy. Honestly a cliche suggestion, but hands down the #1 place in Europe I would pick to completely immerse myself.

If you are looking for a bustling city life, Rome is the city for you. Out in the country? Luca, Assisi, or Campania are the cities for you. Embrace the Italian lifestyle, eat some of the best food you will ever taste and enjoy.

Chapel Hill, North Carolina

So this was casually my running trail when I lived in northern Chapel Hill. I would absolutely encourage any United States citizens to live on opposing "coasts" if you will at some point in your life; it is a truly eye opening experience. What I found separates the Southern states is the ease that comes with moving there. The people are incredibly kind and hospitable, the food is incredibly and there is more green foliage than you will ever see in your life. 

Very big bonus is the cost of living is incredibly cheap in this area and the nightlife is incredibly fun (take a bar crawl through Franklin Street). Also close by are several trails and the atlantic ocean is about 3 hours away. 

San Luis Obispo, California


Dubbed one of the happiest cities in California, San Luis has consistently been a favorite city of mine. If I could go back in time and not fail Spanish & Math in high school, I probably would have gone to school here (@ Cal Poly). Luckily, my best friend is smart and I am really good at making guest appearances 6 times a school year.

San Luis Obispo is perfectly situated in central coast wine country, adjacent to some beautiful beaches, and has some amazing mountains for hiking, biking & other outdoor activities. Not to mention the youthful vibes and exciting downtown area. 

Queensland, Australia

A great friend of mine moved here about a year ago and the photos truly make me jealous every day. Every. damn. day. For those who speak English, an easy place to transition to, not to mention the obvious advantages of central Gold coast beaches and outdoor activities.

This is basically a vacation retreat, so you can be tan essentially year round and be entertained. Also, 99% of Australian people are hot. Go mate I mean...date one.

I hope that this assists you in your quest to just get in your car and start a new life elsewhere. What destinations would you like to live in? 



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